Gain access to high-quality assets for no/low upfront costs, but instead licensing
directly from creators.

Jump on board on the future of development with immersive, intuitive and multiplatform tools that are causing a major shift in the gaming and creative landscape


Accessible assets for development

Add assets to your projects with low to no upfront costs, but instead offering royalties to the asset owners.


Explore new technologies

Gain access to a developer friendly programming language, and a fully immersive game engine integrated with the blockchain.


A new way to monetize and distribute

Final products you create will be owned by users, and they can be traded or sold which will perpetually generate royalties to the original creators and contributors.


Interoperable assets

The Trait system allows interoperability of game assets and game items in different applications. Traits are schemas that define properties and functions of an asset, which helps understanding what the asset can do.

Fragnova's native assets, Protos and Fragments, are an evolution of NFTs

Understand the difference between them here